Explore the biggest and most secured render farm in asia.

Each New registrant receivers a free trial of $20.00 rendering credits.

For Still Image Render in 3Ds Max, please download "Desktop Client for Still Image" and render in automatic process without technical support.

For Animation/VFX Render, please download "Desktop Client for Animation/VFX" and you need to contact us via Email: ibg@landhightech.com | Skype: live:ywang_219 for technical support.

Free Trial

Quick Start

1 - Registration

To use our render farm service you need to register first. You can use your Email to register your account. Each New registrant receives a free trial of $20.00 rendering credits.

2 - Software Download

Please download the Renderfarm Software from the home page. Log in and choose a server for your render jobs.

  • ● VSO8: GPU Rendering
  • ● VSO12/VSO16: CPU Rendering
  • ● VSO7: Still Image Rendering

3 - Uploading Render Jobs

Please watch our built-in tutorial, it will walk you through all the main features. Check the Software and Network settings to match your working environment.

4 - Managing your Render Jobs

Under the “my Jobs” tab, you can monitor your render jobs. You can start, pause and cancel your jobs at all time using this tool. You can also manually download the finished jobs within this tab.

5 - Automatic Download

Please enable the auto download option in Render Setting tab. The orange“A”means the completed frames have been downloaded automatically.

6 - Credit Top Up

You can top up the rendering credits (VSO Coins) by clicking the “Recharge” button in the software. You can also access the top up page from here.


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