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Qingtuan program is a significant component of VSOCloud’s incubator program. It takes place every academic year and offers free rendering service and financial support to animation projects made or produced by students or faculties from all kinds of educational institutions.

Application Date


We welcome
  • College Students

  • Vocational Students

  • Professional Trainees

  • School Faculties


1.In order to apply for this program, the owner/creator of the project should be school student or faculty (proof document/ID must be provided).

2.Please submit your concept art, scripts and design documents along with your application form. VSOCloud will evaluate your project and determine a grant/discount level.

3.After the evaluation, VSOCloud will grant/approve free rendering services valued from $100 to $2,000 to all qualified projects.

4.On top of the free rendering credit, VSOCloud will provide additional 50% to 70% discount for continuing rendering request.

5.For all shortlisted projects, VSOCloud and our Qingtuan tutor (rendering engineer) should be credited as Special Support and shown in your project’s description/credit list.

6.For all shortlisted projects, VSOCloud should have access to your project’s further commercialization plan or copyright licensing.

7.If your project is nominated or awarded by Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, SIGGRAPH, or any of FIAPF’s competitive feature film festival. You will get a voucher refund for all the cost that happened[produced] during your rendering process.

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How to apply

1. Click the “APPLY NOW” button on top of this page, and download an application form.

2. Fill out the application form and send it to ibg@landhightech.com.

3. VSOCloud staff will contact you in order to collect some information and visual files (NDA upon request will be signed at this point). Those files will help our team to evaluate your project.

4. The evaluation will take 1-3 workdays. After the evaluation, our rendering service team will contact you for further technical supports.

* You must understand and agree to the contents of the above declarations in order to submit your Application.