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About Us

VSOCloud is a leading  culture& creativity platform with its service on internet, cultural creativity and finance.Based in Los Angeles , we have the top-class service team for net works, film& television, cloud computing, cloud storage, resource collection, cooperative working and project incubation. Over 2,000 original creations, 40,000+ companies, 100,000+ studios and teams, 4,000,000+ individuals have cooperated with us . VSOCLOUD platform annually Transition amount has broken 0.2 billion.
With absolute competitiveness of powerful technology support and experienced project service in culture and creativity industry, VSOCloud has beenbuild the best reputation brand in Japan, Korea, India, United States, Canada, and New Zealand. Nowadays, we have built a strategic cooperation with VHQ company in Singapore,  ReelFX in USA, The Third Floor, Pixomondo, Veta Studio in New Zealand, SOHO VFX, RODEO FX, Intelligent Creatures and plenty of high-standard VFX companies in the whole world. Besides, VSOCloud has invested  numerous projects and turned into the blockbuster film,such like Deep, Panda Island, etc.